BILAL_IAL_DIGITAL_COVERIf you haven’t peeped it already, checkout the banging’ new artwork on the cover of singer Bilal’s new album, “In Another Life”, which drops June 30th The art is by Angelbert Meteyor. Angelbert Metoyer’s work explores what he calls the “hidden language of religion.” A painter, sculptor, performance, video and sound artist, he is interested in ancestral memory and what it means to be human. He is fascinated with time, memory, symbolism, quantum physics, and cosmology and considers his art to be a personal vision quest and an investigation into the human experience.

Also, check out the track list from :

1. Sirens II
2. Star Now
3. Open up the Door
4. I Really Don’t Care
5. Pleasure Toy ft. Big K.R.I.T.
6. Satellites
7. Lunatic
8. Money Over Lover ft. Kendrick Lamar
9. Love Child
10. Holding It Back ft. Kimbra
11. Spiraling
12. Bury Me Next to You