In 2010, the city of Atlanta was ranked as the ninth-best city for the arts by American Style Magazine. Which comes as no surprise for a city that has every type of visual art represented in its communities. Atlanta is a major center for contemporary art, public art, and urban art. The growing Atlanta campus of Savannah College of Art and Design has brought in a steady stream of artists and curators. Most of the city’s art galleries are located in the Castleberry Hill and West Midtown neighborhoods. Atlanta, in scenes is creating its OWN brand of Art and Culture. With the help of some of these amazing artist. Some you may be familiar with and others you’ll be introduced to for the first time. Check them out..

Greg Mike, an Atlanta based artist With an addiction to clean lines, color and symmetry. Greg Mike has traveled the globe working on various creative projects ranging anywhere from fashion collections to street art.

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Gyun Hur is an interdisciplinary artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Known for her performance art and physical installations, she painted her first mural for Living Walls Conference 2013. She is currently the Professor of Foundations at SCAD Hong Kong.

imagesPaper Frank, Atlanta based but internationally known. Combining illustrative and contemporary styles, he creates large acrylic paintings featuring his iconic characters and striking palette. He has exhibited his works in many solo and group exhibitions at a wide variety of locations including Apache Café, City of Ink Tattoo Shop, the New Era Flagship Store, Graveyard Tavern, and W. M. Turner Gallery. In addition to these exhibitions, he has large indoor and outdoor murals around the cities of Atlanta and Asheville, as well as at Sea World Orlando. 


Image by Alyssa Pointer for Creative Loafing

Fahamu Pecou is a visual artist and scholar whose works combine observations on hip-hop, fine art and popular culture. Pecou’s paintings, performance art, and academic work addresses concerns around contemporary representations of Black masculinity and how these images impact both the reading and performance of Black masculinity.


‘Pop’ by Fahamu Pecou

Nikita Gale is an Alaskan-born, Yale-educated, Atlanta-based artist has been quite busy lately, appearing in thirteen different shows in 2010, including her solo show at MINT Gallery, BOOLESH1T. Her work addresses the absurdity of the commonplace images we are confronted with every day. She attempts to return literal meaning to concepts that have been grossly abstracted in advertising, particularly advertising that is meant to evoke desire within the consumer through delusion and demoralization. Through exploring the fluid relationship between the banal and the absurd, Nikita shows the lack of a distinct barrier between the two, but rather a threshold where the repeated application of one results in the creation of the other.

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Miya Bailey is am Atlanta based painter, illustrator, humanitarian, art dealer, and tattoo artist with 22 years of tattooing in Atlanta City of Ink. He is out to change the way the world views art. He was born and raised in the richly cultured city of Asheville, North Carolina. While living a street lifestyle in his youth, he still made a pathway for creative outlet by constantly drawing and “scratching”, which is a simplistic style of tattooing usually associated with prison and in home shops or other unlicensed platforms.



Corey Barksdale, prolific Atlanta artist, his fine art subject matter ranges from human figures to non-objective abstracts. In recent years he has concentrated his talents on themes that portray the love and strength that exists within the African American community. His paintings grace the covers of books, magazines, CD covers, and posters. Among his convictions, is to give back to his community through art education.


Alex Brewer, known as HENSE, is an Atlanta (born and raised) based artist that has been creating colorful works of art combining techniques of street art and abstract painting for nearly two decades. He’s best known for working in the realm of public art, grants, commissions, and cross-media with notable commission from the city of Atlanta and the ISIL Institute in Peru.