An exhibition featuring: Mattia Lullini, Nicolai Bruun, and Josephine Kyhn curated by Scott Cooper from ArtRebels

On Thursday January 30th, the first Urban Outfitters show went down with a bang. Lots of people showed up to see the opening of the gallery show on a cold snowy evening during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Nicolai Bruun was painting live during the exhibition while onlookers could drink a beer with him. All in all it was a great success and the show will be up through all February and March so stop by if you’re in Copenhagen.

In this exhibition ArtRebels and Urban Outfitters come together for the first time. The exhibition is featuring three of ArtRebels’ most exciting local artists: Mattia Lullini, Nicolai Bruun, and Josephine Kyhn. These artists were featured at Trailerpark music festival last summer ’13 and now we are bringing them together again with more music and live painting. The idea around the exhibition is for these three artists to make works based upon their position right now, open to any subject matter. The exhibition Balance is a response to this invitation.


Nicolai Bruun and Mattia Lullini 

Nicolai Bruun and Mattia Lullini first met shortly after Mattia moved to Denmark from Italy during the winter of 2012 at Fatter and Fabriken, the gallery run by Nicolai and a collective of other Danish artists. They almost immediately decided to collaborate, the first occasion of which occurred during Distortion Festival 2013 when they painted live for the Art French Day stand during the final party at Refshaleøen.

Their first collaboration together was a success and showed how the two styles fit organically, adding new aspects to their individual work. When working together Nicolai Bruun’s delicate shades, attention to detail, and three dimensionality contrast Mattia Lullini’s psychedelic tones, colors and shapes merging into a style and imagery different from both on their own. The resulting collaboration is a balance where none of the two prevails over the other – extremely detailed organic painting where every look highlights new perspectives in a lysergic and dynamic maelstrom of colors.

After their first experience painting together the two have continued collaborating. Along side of their own projects, they collaborate together in reputable events and commissioned works: Trailerpark Festival, the new Students House of Roskilde University, and now Urban Outfitters gallery space curated by ArtRebels.