So, you love to travel, love all thing ascetically pleasing, and are looking to get into something that will satisfy your creative cravings but you are stumped on where to go next? No worries my friend. We’ve compiled a list of some destinations around that world that should help to get your juices flowing and help you decide on where to go for your next trip!

1. Croatia, Yacht Week is an opportunity to get some of your close friends together charter your own yacht, skipper, and hosts for great sailing with near perfect conditions, ridiculous scenery, open air parties, and entertainment for up to a week. It’s affordable luxury right at your finger tips.

2.   Istanbul, Turkey Is a creative mishmash of East meets West, Europe meets Asia..and a mecca in all aspects. Artist and curators flock to Istanbul for it has been known to be a meeting place for new ideas. Enjoy tons of street shopping and markets while being surrounded by neo classical and oriental design and architecture. Istanbul is also home to the multimillion dollar contemporary art space called SALT.

3. Doha, Qatar is currently going through a cultural revolution of sorts, branding its self to become the capital of culture. It’s home to the Museum of Islamic Art, restaurants with amazing décor, and Doha’s Museum of Modern Art (MATHAF) which houses an opera house and the largest collection of contemporary art in the Gulf.

4. Tokyo, Japan  One word to describe Tokyo is Unique. Considered to be the worlds largest most expensive metropolis, Tokyo has several Art themed cafes and bars like the famous bar, Geijitsu Kouminkan, opened by the high profile artist Makoto Aida. There you’ll find the art works of many of his arts proteges as well as other high profiled artist. The Japan Media Arts Festival arts is a comprehensive festival that honors outstanding works in the four divisions of Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga.


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5. Johannesburg, South Africa which is also known as “Africa’s hippest hub for art, music, and fashion”. Newly opened its Wits Museum, which houses contemporary and traditional African art. Not to mention the Apartheid Museum is also located in Johannesburg. With a thriving art scene, Johannesburg plays a major role in the continent of Africa’s growth economically and artistically. You can also dine at the Cube Tasting Kitchen a minimalist restaurant whose multi course menu is based on colors and textures.

6. Amsterdam, Holland has a vibrant contemporary arts scene, and is considered to be the most culturally diverse city in the world. All types of artistic activity is always happening here; street art, art installations, graffiti, murals, you name it. You can even find street art and graffiti tours lead by local artist, tones of cafes and coffee shops, and several vintage clothing stores. Has an international and diverse art scene and live music scene. Vintage clothing stores.

7.  Berlin, Germany; recognized as a worldwide as a city of culture and creative industries. Many international artist and cultural entrepreneurs have settled into this city making it the city it is today. Berlin is an important center of the European film industry, and has a diverse night life. Leading in the global contemporary arts scene, Berlin is home to about 7,000 artist, 153 Museums, and CRAZY architecture. David Bowie even describes it as, ”The greatest culturalextravaganza that one could imagine.”


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So there you have it, a list of some of the best places in the world for creatives to travel to. Any places you know of that didn’t make the list? Let us know by leaving a comment. Oh, and let me not forget *here comes a shameless plug*. If you are looking do some international traveling in the next few months, here is an opportunity for you to hang out with me in Paris and Amsterdam and visit all the artsy spots on and off the beaten path through the #BACREATIVETOUR, a travel experience for creative entrepreneurs. click here for more info!

Bessie Akuba Winn-Afeku
Photographer | Creative Consultant | Content Creator