As a kid growing up in the south building tree houses were a creative pass time. Even though our tree houses were poorly construct death traps made of scrap wood and exposed nails, we stood proud of our architectural achievement. Fast forward a few decades and the love of the tree house still remains. This awesome house in Atlanta came to us via .

Give yourself all the ambiance of a retreat in the woods and all the convenience of the city with a stay at this Buckhead Treehouse. Nestled in the woods not far from I-75, this unique retreat is made up of three separate areas connected by rope bridges: a living room with 80 year old butterfly-filled windows, a 12-candle chandelier, comfortable, antique seating for 6, and a balcony overlooking an acre of lush woods, a deck with a hammock and dart board, and a bedroom with a pillow-top double bed that can be wheeled out onto an outdoor platform, a small desk, and an antique birdcage. Just in case you feel too isolated, the house also has WiFi, but with a bottle of wine and snacks guaranteed on your arrival, we’d recommend just kicking back and relaxing.