Context Art Miami: A Definite Must See

Celebrating its 27th edition, Art Miami was the first major event to kick off Miami Art Week along with sister fair CONTEXT Art Miami. For me it was a first and I had no idea what to except but I was most...

World of Dreams By Kylie Woon

Singapore photographer Kylie Woon is able to convert real stories in real dramatic emotions. Each scenario represented by feelings such as fear, anger or anxiety is embodied in captivating images that appear...

Rare Photos Of An Boxing Icon

We are big fans of boxing here at The Art Bishop. Today we are sharing some amazing photos of the most photogenic fighter of all time!!!! Via

Photographer Jona Frank And His Baby Faced Assassin

This post came via Priscilla Frank Arts Writer, The Huffington Post There's something strange and sometimes wonderful about watching a kid register, scrutinize and assume the patterns and behaviors...

Brock Elbank’s Amazing Portraits Of Freckled Faces

London photographer Brock Elbank has captured the fabulousness of freckles in a massive portrait project. Elbank hopes to have 150 photos by the time he exhibits his project in 2017. He has already shot...
Kat Goduco_Life In Gold-4 (1)

Photographer Kat Goduco Lives Her Life In Gold

Kat Goduco is a Filipino-American photographer based in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA. Without hesitation, Kat captures intricate moments. She is drawn to the emotion of her subjects and it is...

Pop Culture according to Artist Tony Futura

Tony Futura, a digital artist based in Berlin, creates surreal art that seems to poke fun at the materialism and pop-culture focus of modern Western life. His light-hearted and funny digital art is often...