Human heads in all shapes, sizes and colors painted on walls around the world.

By Lee Bofkin

There are few objects more striking than the human skull. Its image is woven deeply into the visual fabric of our society, serving as a reminder of our mortality and physiology. The image of the skull is used in various parts of our culture; from holidays like Halloween to album covers to clothing — skulls are everywhere. So it comes as no surprise that skulls are one of the most common images used in street art. Scroll down to see how the human head made its way on walls around the world.

Spanish artist Aryz painted this colorful skull in Basel, Switzerland.

Spanish artist Aryz painted this colorful skull in Basel, Switzerland. DSC_6280

Spanish artist Aryz painted this kaleidoscopic skull by a river bank outside Barcelona.


Street artist Rusl in South Germany. Check out the eerie landscape at the bottom of the picture — dope!


French artist Brusk from DMV Crew in London. This was part of a much bigger wall at the Meeting of Styles London event a few years ago.
Check out the little man being pressed like a spray can at the top!


Unknown artists in Spain. Cool idea to combine the skull with a snail shell!


Won ABC in Kassel, Germany. Pirates and skulls go together like summer and barbecues!


A classic Keith Haring mural in New York, which still stands today in a ball court in upper Manhattan. It’s been restored many times and still looks great!


Ichabod painting a freight train the U.S. Ichabod is a prolific artist and I was thrilled to see a piece of his roll past me when I was in Portland.


Crom and Zior in the UK. A little bit of machine action going on!


Parlee in the UK. The wall was painted for for Remembrance Sunday (marking the end of WWII in the UK). The idea is the child is being weighed down under his deceased family. A powerful piece in that respect.