French street artist Seth Globepainter recently journeyed to the city of Kiev, where he teamed up with his local artist friendKislow to paint this gorgeous mural titled Renaissance. This beautiful piece of street art, located in the old Podil district of the city, took about a week to complete. The colorful wall portrays a goddess-like young girl serenely overlooking a city while a little boy sits in her outstretched hand.

With all of the turbulence currently plaguing this politically unstable region, Renaissance conveys the artists’ hope for better times to come in the troubled nation. The young girl wears a military jacket worn by protestors in Independence Square, as well as traditional Ukrainian flowers in her hair, bringing together the past and the present while looking ahead to the future. She holds the young boy, the future of Ukraine, in her hands, symbolizing the Ukrainian people carving their own paths to a brighter tomorrow.

Seth Globepainter Website
Kislow on Flickr
via [Street Art NewsArrested Motion]