We might be used to seeing murals on walls or even shipping containers, but not so much on a boat. Spanish street artist Borondo recently had the opportunity to apply his signature style to a vessel traveling along the River Lee in East London. He created it in collaboration with Carmen Maín, and the work showcases an unexpected place for a large-scale painting that you can only see it if you’re looking down at the boat.

The artists adorned the roof with their interpretation of the iconic painting entitled Ophelia by John Everett Millais. It features a woman laying face up in a shallow creek while holding flowers. In Borondo and Maín’s new version, gestural brush strokes were applied to a figure in a similar pose. Their approach differs, however, and the woman has a red cloth over her eyes and interlocking hands. She’s surrounded by green flora and is still on the water – this time, though, it’s real. This creative decision establishes a clever connection to its predecessor.

via [Street Art News]