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Throughout history gold has been the standard for players. From nugget gold in the 80’s to being iced out in the 90’s gold has been the preferred metal for the baller and the shot caller. Now for all you diehard gamers, that would like to own a piece of exclusive bling, here’s something to upgrade your player status: ColorWare 24K Gold DualShock 4 & Xbox One Controllers ($300,00)- gaming gear that will make you stand out! ColorWare is a company that enhances the look of electronic devices such as cameras, laptops, headphones, smartphones, home appliances, and of-course gaming gadgets, by giving them deluxe makeovers. And this time they really hit the ball out of the park with the Dual Shock 4 and Xbox One controllers, each plated in shiny 24K gold. These babies start as regular controllers that go through a laborious process of disassembling and cleaning, to be eventually buffed to a rich, glossy gold finish, reassembled, inspected, and then packaged into the original packaging. Available in February 2015, only 25 of each style will be made, making these gold premium gadgets very, very exclusive.