Rebecca Yanovskaya is an illustrator living and working in Toronto, Canada. Her fantastical imagery grabs your attention with its detailed rendering and gold accents. The works feature women who are adorned with large feathered wings, elaborate headdresses, and elegant robes. It’s no surprise that Yanovskaya is inspired by mythological stories, natural forces, and the beauty of the human figure, as all of these elements seem to be present in her work.

The illustrator says that her drawings began in small sketchbooks but became larger and more ambitious in scale. This included her adding stunning gold leaf to the illustrations, which contrasts beautifully with the ubiquitous ballpoint pen. In Yanovskaya’s most recent Winged series, she layers delicate shading and lines on Moleskine paper. The results are dramatic works that are made for storybook tales.

If you’d like to own any of these illustrations, they are available as prints in Yanovskaya’s INPRNT shop.

Rebecca Yanovskaya website and INPRNT shop
via [Twisted Sifter]