As today is Father’s Day, we feel as though it’s the perfect time to pay tribute to all the men out there who bravely became a dad. Like we’ve seen in a similar series by Dave Young, these photos by birth photographer Jaydene Freund of Cradle Creations show the real expressions of fathers right before or right after their partner has given birth. Beautifully authentic, the photos capture the many different emotions pouring out in the birth room.

“I want people to understand that birth isn’t just a journey for the mom,” says Freund, “but a dad also goes through an important journey of his own. His journey consists of many emotions including fear, strength, support, boredom, and joy. Some men are strong, supportive rocks for their partner to lean on, others fearfully sit in the shadows terrified watching their partner in pain, but all end up moved beyond words when they hold their sons and daughters in their arms for the first time.

“Here is a tribute to the many men I have watched become fathers this year.”