We’ve been following the fine art illustrations of Latvia-based Alex Konahin for quite some time. He first caught our attention with his incredibly detailed ink illustrations of patterns that seemed to pop off the page. We were in complete disbelief that these weren’t three-dimensional. Then, in his surreal Anatomy series, he left us spell-binded as we saw the heart, lungs and stomach like we’d never seen drawn before. Who know our internal organs could look so artistic and beautiful?

Konahin’s latest work centers around small winged insects like the butterfly, bee and dragonfly. Called Little Wings, the series was inspired by a summer trip to the Netherlands where the artist was able to live away from the city and immerse himself in the countryside. Using just simple black pens, fineliners and India ink, the artist meticulously drew these winged creatures, in his usual mind-blowing way, with incredible precision and detail. Just stunning!

via  www.mymodernmet.com
Alex Konahin’s Behance