We came across this amazing artist out of the UK! Here is an intro in his own words.

“I am a 23 year old Oil Painter working out of my Studio in London. My work at the moment is centered around high-realism in portraiture. I do not believe there is any dichotomy present in the idea that an almost perfect rendition of the human form; can also be intensely expressive. Expression in painting – for me at least – comes from the deeply individual and selective nature the Artist’s voice carries.

Where I choose to apply paint thickly or turn form using a particular hue, are as intrinsic to the expressive nature of painting as the selection of a particular word is to a poet. To extend the metaphor; as in poetry, it is not the correct selection of words, as much as it is their ability to co-exist harmoniously with both a semblance of reality and the artists sentiments on the world – or in my case – the sitter present.

For this reason – and because they tend to imbibe a rather redundant sense of purpose which is far from accurate – I tend to shy away from labels such as photo-realism or hyper-realism.”

via  www.michaelsydneymoore.com