If there was an award for most creative installation at scope (which there should be) it would go to the Juxtapoz Newsstand by Grotesk. This piece was interactive and it definitely added to an already awesome art viewing experience.

A Functioning Installation Celebrating Print
In June 2009, Juxtapoz Magazine commissioned a special cover illustration from NYC-based, Swiss-born artist and designer Kimou “Grotesk” Meyer. The newsstand image has become almost semiotic for Juxtapoz, and in 2014, an update of the newsstand became the spotlight of our 20th Anniversary exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. For SCOPE Miami Beach 2014, we brought the icon to life, with Grotesk and his team constructing a full-scale, operating model of the illustration to serve as the headquarters for Juxtapoz during South Beach festivities all week.

Thank you to Coverse for help making this happen and Liquitex, Victory Journal, Wa-Taah, Inventory Magazine, VNA Magazine, and Chandran Gallery for helping us stock the newsstand.

via Juxtapoz