By Bessie Akuba Winn-Afeku
I’m sure at some point or another you’ve thought to yourself, “ Wow so everybody is a photographer now.” Am a I right?. I have.  And honestly it really does seem like where you turn, there is someone with he title of “photographer” in their social media bio. And of course with the title comes with a link to a portfolio or Instagram images that look more like snapshot than carefully made artistic images.

This has been an ongoing topic among my circle of friends; why are there so many fauxtographers, and so less photographers?

Now, there are several reasons why so many people are, shall I say, embracing their creative side through photography. Equipment, editing software, and education is way more accessible then it ever has been. New photographers will shoot for very little compensation, if not for free. Social media has given several people a platform to share their work faster then photographers have been able to 10 years ago.

So what really makes a photographer? If you ask me, it’s not all the fancy equipment or all the social media likes and followers. It’s the consistent delivery of solid well composed and images. Only an experienced photographer will be able to always deliver quality images.

So what say you, what makes a photographer and what makes a photographer? Let’s discuss! Leave a comments below.

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