Here at Thaxton we aim to provide cool and creative things to check out and I challenge you to find a cooler concept for a museum than one dedicated to not Mad Max but the sequel Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. Not surprisingly this is Australia’s first and only museum dedicated to the 1981 classic. This has given me the inspiration to pursue my life long dream of opening the first and only theme park dedicate to The Karate Kid, Part II.

MAD MAX. It is a passion – an obsession which has Adrian Bennett, pack up and move halfway around the world to live his dream of owning and operating a museum dedicated to Mad Max 2.

Adrian’s obsession with Mad Max began in his hometown of Bradford in Northern England in 1982, when he was dragged along to the cinema by mates to see a screening of Mad Max and Mad Max 2. He emerged from the cinema a different person totally blown away by what he had seen on the screen “life from then on changed completely for me” says Adrian.

His obsession quickly grew as Adrian found himself spending most of his time finding out as much as he could about the films, not an easy task given the time era and lack of internet.

Adrian’s obsession led him to move to Australia in 2006 and then to Silverton in 2009 where the hard work then began to not only build but also to put together a museum dedicated to Mad Max 2. He says he didn’t really start collecting things for the museum until he moved to Australia, and being in the heart of the Mad Max country here he was able to meet people who were kind enough to donate items such as photographs from personal collections.
Adrian has collected many original bits and pieces by fossicking around the film locations himself.

The museum was opened in September 2010, and Adrian has been working around the clock to ensure the museum meets his standards. He is openly excited about getting people through the doors to share his passion and has plans to continually grow the museum so that there is always something new to see.

When visiting the museum you will be able to see exactly what Mad Max 2 was all about- with the items displayed in such a way that it tells the story of the film. It is visually amazing and stimulating to see the museum as a final product- a result of a lot of hard work on Adrian’s part.

Offering a large collection of photographs, life size characters in full costumes, original and replica vehicles including two Interceptor’s one of which was built by Adrian himself, also exhibits memoribilia with souvineers also available.

The museum is not just a place for the hard core Mad Max fans but a place where tourists and locals alike can go and discover what an impact Mad Max 2 had on this region and on the Australian film scene.
Stop by to view the amazing collection at the museum, it is certainly well worth a look.

*Open 7 days – 9am-5pm (winter) 10am-4pm (summer) * Admission fee
*if you are planning on making a special trip to visit the museum it may pay to call first on08 80886128 or Email: