Kat Goduco is a Filipino-American photographer based in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA.

Without hesitation, Kat captures intricate moments. She is drawn to the emotion of her subjects and it is present through her body of work. Through practice, discipline and guidance from veteran artists, Kat has been able to grow within her craft. Organizations such as the Atlanta Hawks, YMCA, and the College Football Hall of Fame make up Kat Goduco’s partial client list. Her photographs have also been featured in publications such as People Magazine, USA Today, Washington Post, OK Magazine and many more.

In this series, Life In Gold, Kat Goduco attempts to show how sexiness is within each woman.  Life can be monotonous and women can forget how beautiful they are inside.   In these particular set of photos Kat illustrates that silent inner glow through the outward extravagant gold jewelry.

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