We came across the photographer’s work via Design is kinky. His street portraiture is compelling and we wanted to introduce his work to our readers. Here is a few words from the man himself on his work.

Hello, my name is Travis. I’m a San Francisco-based photographer, focusing on candid street scenes, street portraits, and urban landscapes.

I moved to San Francisco nearly two decades ago — fresh out of high school — with a duffle bag, skateboard, and $800 cash. I’ve paid dues to establish myself here and can’t imagine living anyplace else. I love everything about The City: the people, sights, sounds, smells, and oddities — all of it. And I never get bored lurkin these streets with a camera. 

I make a living as a commercial, lifestyle and editorial photographer, specializing in providing clients with photos that are captivating, unique, and brimming with personality and style. I put 1,000% into my craft, with my personal goal being to make each photograph better than the last.

My photos are a bouquet of digital, 35mm film, and iPhone, with the idea being that tool types in photography are irrelevant. At the end of the day, I believe, photography is all about your eye, sensibility, and style. Everything else comes second.


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