Every now and then a product comes along in which you say “this was made for me”. I’m a chronic key loser or shall I say a massive key misplacer and this is right up my alley. This came to us www.mymodernmet.com and Lost At E Minor.

You might not be a rockstar, but Pluginz wants to help you hang your keys like one. They’ve created the Jack Rack key hanger, a miniature amp that uses audio-jack keychains to store your keys. Simply plug them in and don’t worry about losing them later.

The key hanger comes in a variety face-plate styles, including the Vintage, Dirty Shirley, Legato, and Ruckus. Each has its own coloring, grill design, and input configuration, and it also includes two engraved input jack keychains. Mounting hardware is included for easy wall installation, making this unique storage option perfect for musicians and enthusiasts alike.


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