From a young age, many girls are exposed to the unrealistic beauty standards that traditional Barbie dolls set as a nearly unattainable ideal: tall, blonde, blue-eyed, heavily made-up, and extremely slender. With model-like proportions, these dolls are often difficult for young children to relate to. Digital artist Nickolay Lamm offers an alternative with his creation of the Lammily doll, the first fashion doll made according to typical human body proportions in order to promote more realistic beauty standards.

With a wider waist, shorter stature, rounder curves, and a kind smile, Lammily is much easier to identify with. Not to mention, she comes with clearly formed elbows, hands, knees, and feet; a wide variety of girl-next-door fashions; and a collection of stickers to mimic natural body marks such as acne, freckles, cellulite, and more. Highly customizable and more representative of a larger percentage of girls and young women, Lammily is a terrific alternative for those looking to promote a set of beauty standards to reflect the women we see around us in everyday life.

“I was shopping for a doll for a niece of mine,” Lamm told us of the inspiration behind his creation of the realistic doll. “There was a wall of supermodel dolls. Not that there’s something wrong with being a supermodel. But I felt as if they were saying that if you don’t look like a supermodel, something is wrong. So I wanted to create an alternative to add diversity.” When we asked how he feels now that Lammily has officially gone viral, he replied, “Some [responses] have been very positive, some have been negative, but that’s to be expected. I can’t please everybody!”

The Lammily doll, her collection of marks, and extra clothes and accessories are available for purchase now









via mymodernmet