Street artist ROA is known for his realistic, larger-than-life murals of animals, and he’s taken his talents to the North West Walls Festival in Belgium. He was invited to paint in the city of Werchter and utilized an unconventional canvas for his monochromatic illustrations. A giraffe, goat, bear, and more are found on shipping containers rather than on cement walls.

The impressive display features seven containers stacked on top of each other, with two that make up its base. ROA’s ingenious placement transforms the rectangular vessels into cages as we see the animals behind bars and enchained. A painted rhino spans the height of two units as its belly rests above the doorway of one container and its legs in shackles. Additionally, the skeleton of another animal is enclosed in another unit. These elements together create a poignant series that’s a powerful depiction of creatures held in captivity.

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