American photographer John Stanmyer was just announced as the winner of the prestigious World Press Photo of the Year 2013 award for a stunning image that shows African migrants on the shore of Djibouti city (in the Horn of Africa or 13 miles northwest of the Somalia border), holding cellphones in the air. Are they taking a selfie or capturing the bright white moon? Not quite. The migrants are raising their phones to try and capture an inexpensive signal from neighboring Somalia so that they can call their relatives who live abroad.

Djibouti is a common stop-off point for migrants who are in transit from countries like Somalia and Ethiopia, that are seeking a better life in places like Europe and the Middle East.

The storytelling image beat out more than 98,000 others to nab the top spot. Jury member Jillian Edelstein, a South African-born but UK-based photographer, said, “It’s a photo that is connected to so many other stories — it opens up discussions about technology, globalization, migration, poverty, desperation, alienation, humanity.

“It’s a very sophisticated, powerfully nuanced image. It is so subtly done, so poetic, yet instilled with meaning, conveying issues of great gravity and concern in the world today.”

Do you think it deserves to be the overall winner?

Source: World Press Photo