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Looking to liven up your Instagram feed? Of course you are. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of artist you should follow right now on Istagram. These artist have no problem with showing their work, engaging with their audience, and taking you behind the scenes of their art making process. Enjoy! 1: @fumeroism combines the American pop culture of urban art with his caricature-like, figurative drawings. He uses “wildstyle” letter design, with highly stylized alphabetical abstractions and decorative embellishments that are transformed into the dynamic energy of his abstracted human figures.

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2. @indie184 is a Native New Yorker whose been active in the graffiti scene for over a decade. He Instagram feed gives us a glimpse in to her life and a graffita ans street artist. You can catch anything from behind the scenes at her exhibitions to glimpse of her while she works.

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3. @@kobrastreetart refers to himself as a “Street Artist Soldier” and if you’ve take some time to look at his art, you’d say so too.

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4. @nickgentryart is a British artist out of London. He creates his art using contributed artifacts and materials. He states that through this process “contributor, artist and viewer come closer together”. His art is influenced by the development of consumerism, technology, identity and cyberculture in society, with a distinctive focus on obsolete media.

5. @SWhittakerREC is an artists that incorporates graphics to her paintings. She’s also the artist behind “Woman”, the first Instagram art exhibit.

6. @thatartista is a fine artist and graphic designer that is sure to have you hooked on her IG feed. Her work explores bold contrasts and rhythmic movement through the female form and vivid color.