This is epitome of awesome and it came to us

Wu-Tang Clan performed at the Blockfest hiphop festival in Tampere, Finland a few years back. Finnish furniture designer Tebian designed a wooden table in a shape of the Wu-Tang logo for the festival.


This hand-made table is made of 244 pieces of solid oak and covered with a 110 x 110 cm glass. Blockfest posted on Facebook after Wu-Tang’s Raekwon tweeted a picture of himself posing with the table that “GZA is apparently buying this hand-made beauty for himself“.

Tebian has earlier this year been introduced in Käden Lahja short video series that introduces handgifted Finnish artists and designers, produced by Basso Media and sponsored by a coffee company Paulig. Tebian says in a video that Finns who have learnt to decorate with cheap furniture chains like Ikea turn to Tebian when they need something lasting and unique among the quickly wearing out items. According to the video description Tebian has only one goal in mind: to create a classic of its time, an object that will live on in the history books of design. Mainly wooden furniture are designed from Tebian’s own ideas and customer needs.

(Photos from web store)

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