The London-based photographer, who currently has no tattoos, started a series of photographs with tattooed people as a subject titled Covered showing them in two different lights: the way people usually see them (covered, that is) and how they are without the clothes that covered their skin art.

Powdrill’s images resulted in a beautiful display of tattooed people and the art they wear on their bodies. It’s not another series of ‘glam shot’ that provokes you to admire the often-regarded sex appeal of people with tattoos. Rather, the pictures compel you to want to know more about these people and their stories; what made them get their tattoos and why they chose the styles of the pieces they had on their bodies.


Check out his show coming up!


OCTOBER 23, 2015

“Good tattoos aren’t cheap, cheap tattoos are not good.”  Izzy, 48, Kent

My latest project COVERED will be on show in November, really hope you can come down for drinks, nibbles and free tattoos !

downstairs at MOTHER 10 Redchurch St. E2 7DD
11th Nov
 6.30pm onwards (map)

please RSVP

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